Malaysia Australia Business Council

Profile & Objectives

About Us

For more than 35 years the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) has been the leading voice of Malaysian and Australian business. The MABC was established in 1986 as a non-profit organisation providing a range of services to its members based in both Malaysia and Australia.

Supported by its co-patrons, the Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry and the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, the MABC plays a critical role in advancing bilateral trade and investment. Through a full program of events and regular communication, the MABC provides a comprehensive platform for both companies and individuals to successfully do business in Malaysia and Australia.

MABC Objectives

  • To provide mutual understanding, goodwill, harmony and fraternity amongst the Malaysian and Australian business communities

  • To provide a forum to exchange ideas, experience and information, develop contacts and facilitate interaction with people interested in enhancing trade and investment in Malaysia and Australia

  • To identify and inform members (and other interested parties) of appropriate sources of information relating to trade and investment opportunities, practices and regulations in Malaysia and Australia

  • To support business interest in both Malaysia and Australia, by providing information, advice and where necessary a vehicle for representations/submissions to appropriate bodies

  • To co-operate with other organisations in Malaysia and Australia with aims similar to that of the Council

Key Activities

Business Links and Trade Missions

The MABC facilitates interaction with delegations from Australian businesses and Government bodies. MABC organises events and seminars in conjunction with trade missions between Malaysia, Australia and ASEAN


Government Access

The MABC provides high level representation and access to the Malaysian and Australian Governments and their respective Ministers on key issues. MABC assists members with issues affecting their businesses


Information Resources

The MABC is a key resources for members seeking information on the latest updates affecting businesses and investments. MABC’s strong affiliation with its counterpart, Australia Malaysia Business Council (AMBC), at the national level and its chapters, provide a broad network of linkages between the two countries. Both MABC and AMBC act as facilitators and disseminate information relating to trade and investment opportunities, practices and regulations in Malaysia and Australia

Media and Communication

The MABC produces the Byline, a periodic publication on trade and business developments and events. MABC disseminates information and represent member’s views via our extensive media linkages in Malaysia

Networking and Business Events

The MABC organises a number of business and social functions to cater to the wider interests of the Council’s membership which include:

  1. Networking events with high profile speakers from both the private and government sectors

  2. Annual Dinner

  3. Trade missions

  4. Topical seminars

  5. Industry briefings

  6. Social/ cultural events