Malaysia Australia Business Council

MABC Membership Benefits

As a business owner or integral members of an organisation, you may fear
that your hectic schedule will prevent you from attending events, accessing
the services and getting the most out of your investment when you join the MABC.
You may also be under the impression that your business has to be a certain size in order to join.
In reality, the MABC provides a wide and flexible range of events and opportunities that support businesses
of any size. Whether you are the sole worker staff of your business or employ /manage over 500 workers,
joining the MABC can offer a big list of advantages.

  • The MABC allows you to establish, develop and enhance business contacts in Malaysia and Australia.
  • Introducing yourself to new people in a variety of industries through MABC events allows you to market your business to other members, whom you might otherwise never have met.
  • MABC acts as a facilitator and disseminates information relating to trade and investment opportunities, practices, and regulations in Malaysia and Australia.
  • Discounted rates for all MABC events and joint events with other bilateral business councils.
  • Monthly joint networking functions with other business councils for opportunities to leverage of a larger and more diverse group of businesses and collaborate in numerous activities.
  • Regular briefing / talks on various business-related topics including business centric webinars on the latest issues affecting businesses.
  • FREE subscription to the MABC Byline newsletter
  • FREE listing for the corporate members in the MABC website.
  • Regular updates of business news including visits by Australian government representatives to Malaysia and Malaysian Government representatives to Australia.
  • Industry focused dialogues with Malaysian Government giving members the opportunity to address issues faced by their companies. MABC is active in dialogues with local government agencies and departments and can help give your business    a stronger voice on issues that affect you, your employees, and your customers.
  • Close links with the Australian High Commission, AUSTRADE, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
  • Direct links to Australian Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils in the ASEAN region including AUSTCHAM ASEAN and to the Australian Malaysian Chambers of Commerce (AMBC) in Australia.
  • Advocacy and assistance in dealing with Malaysian government departments agencies.
  • Representation of member’s issues / interests at the Joint Trade Committee meetings between the Malaysian and Australian Trade Ministers.
  • Opportunities to visit companies / factories to learn of best practices and business opportunities.
  • Combined voices of several Business Councils and Chambers of Commerce to resolve common issues facing their members.
  • Promotional Opportunities through social media, websites, local e-news sources and more.
  • Validate your business. Joining the MABC can positively affect other organizations’ perceptions of your business and the views of consumers.
  • The reliability and trust your company gains through the MABC membership, will boost the perception of your brand as an industry leader and possibly give you the potential to increase revenue.