Malaysia Australia Business Council

2021 Events Gallery

MABC Events Photos 2021

MABC Live Webinar: Taking Care of your Mental Health & Well Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

February 2021

In Conversation With Datuk (Dr) Hafsah Hashim: ‘Pressure from the Third Wave of COVID-19… How SMEs Can Stay Afloat?’

February 2021



TraTax & MABC Live Webinar: Tax and Customs Issues

March 2021




MABC Live Webinar: Is Women Leadership Invisible? What has to Change? 

March 2021

“Are Employers on the Losing End with Recent Changes to the Industrial Relations Act”



March 2021
What’s Inside the Treaty Spaghetti Bowl? A Perspective of International Commercial Arbitration

March 2021

MABC – AMBC Interchamber Online Speed Networking



March 2021




MABC & RSDH Webinar on “Everything You Need To Know About Vaccinations”

April 2021 

“Establishing, Maintaining and Monitoring Your Organisation’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Program”

April 2021



MABC Live Webinar: “How Cyber
Resilient Are You?
The Real
Hard Facts”

May 2021

Virtual Speed Networking 



June 2021


Live Webinar: Sourcing Shift – Managing Supply Chain Across the Region

July 2021

MABC Live Webinar: Innovative Funding Solutions – Equity Crowdfunding During the Pandemic

July 2021

MABC Live Webinar: Challenges for Business Travelers During the Pandemic and Beyond

August 2021

MABC Live Webinar: A wake up call for Malaysian Businesses The Necessity for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Policies

September 2021

MABC Live Webinar: Online Intellectual Property Threats and Best Practices Amid Covid-19 and Beyond

October 2021